Julie Figlar & Rina Franchino for Township Council

Julie Figlar & Rina Franchino are running for Berkeley Heights Township Council. They’re community leaders who will be voices to continue Change We Can Agree On.

Caring. Connected. Committed.

Progress We Can Count On Versus More of The Same

When Mayor Angie Devanney and Team Purple took charge in January, Berkeley Heights was facing tremendous challenges. Julie and Rina are proud to stand behind the record of accomplishments in year one including: 

  • Keeping costs under control

  • Cutting waste

  • Paving more roads effectively with grants and alternative financing for repairs

  • Building a bi-partisan group of committee volunteers

  • Adding new committees to address critical needs, boosting environmental and historic preservation efforts as top priorities, and much more. 

A vote for Julie and Rina is a vote for Angie and Team Purple to keep us on the right track. It is a vote to continue with Change We Can Agree On.

'Change We Can Agree On'

This election is about a style of government.  It’s not about a party label or control.  “Team Purple” advocates Democrats and Republicans coming together throughout town to make our community even better.  Our motto – “Change We Can Agree On” – is about a collaborative government that respects our residents and seeks to put an end to the caustic political tone that continues to divide our community. It’s about creating positive change free of partisanship, as we work together to bring more services to our town at lower costs, improve our quality of life, and manage tough challenges together.  It’s an inclusive approach which embodies:

  • our leaders working together across party lines

  • respecting our rich heritage

  • capturing the spirit of our younger population

  • placing value on what our elders have given to this community

  • embracing our diverse ethnicity

  • an open and transparent government

“Change We Can Agree On” means no longer neglecting our aging infrastructure, not being afraid to tackle tough problems like our municipal debt head-on, looking for any and all sources of additional revenue to fund much-needed road or drainage projects, doing away with antiquated approaches to increasingly complex challenges, coming up with creative ways to offer more services for our taxpayers, and so much more.

But perhaps, most importantly, “Change We Can Agree On” means working together with YOU to make Berkeley Heights a town we are all proud to call home.

In case you missed this week’s big Council candidates debate, watch Julie and Rina debate important issues on budgeting, water drainage, shared services, programs for kids, senior citizens & more!

Help Julie & Rina Win this November!

Thank You for Your Support!